Does MCT Oil Help with Constipation?

Of course! MCT oil does help with constipation.

The reason why MCT oil is good for constipation is due to its sole content of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides).

MCTs are so small that our body can easily and quickly digest them. Upon digestion, the triglycerides then separate into their individual glycerols and MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids).

Glycerols gather fluid to help soften the stools while MCFAs provide energy to help stimulate your intestinal muscle contraction. In short, both components combine to trigger bowel movement.

And that’s what make MCT oil good for constipation.

You can also take coconut oil for constipation since coconut oil carries MCTs too. It’s just that the constipation-relief effect from MCT oil is relatively stronger.

That’s because MCT oil contains solely MCTs whereas coconut oil holds only about 60% MCTs.

Which is why when I put one tablespoon of MCT oil into my soy milk, I felt the urge to poop more strongly than putting the same amount of coconut oil into my soy milk.

Athletes “Say” MCT Oil is Good for Constipation

Another evidence that shows MCT oil does help with constipation comes from complaints made by some athletes every now and then.

These people are always crazy about improving their athletic performance. When they learn that MCTs can provide them with a boost of energy during workouts, they would dash for MCT oil over coconut oil. They only want purely MCTs.

MCT oil never seems to fail to give them the runner’s trot. They then blame it for breaking their performance instead.

Having said all that, if you have difficulty in moving bowels and you need a relief right now, use MCT oil for constipation.

Add one tablespoon to your diet. If you need a stronger bowel-loosening effect, increase the dose to 2 tablespoons and add to your beverages like coffee or soy milk. Your wish should come true.

Just to remind you that the stomach cramp can be very upsetting and uncomfortable if you were to take MCT oil for constipation on an empty stomach. It can last for several hours.

So, try not to do that unless you’re really very desperate for an explosive dump.

But if you prefer coconut oil instead of MCT oil to help with your constipation since you know that coconut oil has many health benefits, then you must make sure to include more of it into your diet.

This is to make sure you have enough MCTs for a good constipation relief since as said earlier, coconut oil has lesser MCTs than MCT oil.


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