5 Simple Exercises To Combat Sitting Damage

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It hurts, doesn’t it?

Life as a cubicle dweller is not as comfortable as it seems. You spend hours hunched over your desk and you’re in constant lower back pain.

It is terrible.

The pain is not enough for you to see a doctor to get medication… but it’s just enough to be uncomfortable and annoying.

Little by little, you’re suffering.

Why Sitting Too Long Is Bad For You

“Sitting is the new cancer,” declared Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

He is adamant that we’re sitting too long, and that we should stand up and talk a walk around.

He’s right.

As desk jockeys, we’re glued to our screens for seven or longer hours. Our butts remain stuck to our seats.

We’re neglecting our own health.

Sitting too long is not just causing us to put on the desk job weight, but also damaging our bodies.

Just check out the recent science on this topic.

If you’re sitting for at least 8 hours at work, you’re at higher risk of:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • earlier death

Are you starting to get concerned now?

5 Simple Exercises To Combat Sitting Damage

Fortunately, it is something you can do about, as long as you start taking action now. Of course, the easiest thing you can do is to start being active around the office. Start taking regular breaks and move around.

But you already knew that.

So instead, I am going to introduce you to 5 simple exercises you can do to start reversing the damage from sitting.

  1. Lower Back Extension Stretch

Step 1: Place both your arms on your hips with your elbows pointing backwards.

Step 2: Bend backwards slowly until you start to feel a stretch in your lower back.

Step 3: Hold the stretch for at least 15 seconds.

  1. Leg Swings

Step 1: Swing your right leg back and forth for about 15 reps.

Step 2: Switch legs and swing your left leg back and forth for about 15 reps

Step 3: Swing your right leg from side to side for about 15 reps.

Step 4: Switch legs and swing your left leg from side to side for about 15 reps.

  1. Third World Squat

Step 1: Do a squat. Make sure you’re keeping your back straight.

Step 2: Lower your squat until your butt is close to the ground, but not touching the ground.

Step 3: Hold the pose for about 15 seconds.

  1. Table Pigeon Pose

Step 1: Place your right leg on the table and bend your knee at a 90 degree angle (flat on the table). Your left leg should be on the floor.

Step 2: Lean forward and hold the position for at least 20 seconds — you should feel a stretch on your glutes.

  1. Chair Lunges

Step 1: Place your left leg on the chair.

Step 2: Place your right leg forward on the ground, ready to do a lunge.

Step 3: Lunge for at least 15 reps.

Step 4: Switch legs.

Now, you have 5 real-easy exercises you can do in the office to combat the effects of sitting damage.

Remember, these exercises will only be effective if you do them frequently at work. Give yourself an excuse to do a mini-workout in the office, especially if you’re stuck at a problem you cannot solve right away.

You’ll find that this will help you improve your concentration and productivity.

Source: www.livelovefruit.com

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